Our story

Our shared vision was inspired by our academic and clinical experiences working with women and girls living in challenging contexts, both in Canada and in humanitarian settings globally.

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Why Vitala Global

We have a heart for addressing stigmatized sexual and reproductive (SRH) health topics such as safe comprehensive abortion care and family planning.  We strive to empower women and girls living in settings where they face disproportionate barriers to accessing SRH tools and services. Our shared values, journeys and combined diverse experiences came together to create Vitala Global.

Our team

Our core team is based in Canada and Germany, and our current project team members and partners can be found in the USA, Mexico City, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, France, and Spain.  We are a completely remote organization that was set up as such even before the COVID19 pandemic.

Roopan Gill

Co-Founder of Vitala Global

Executive Director

Community, Research and Design Lead


Roopan is an obstetrician gynecologist with expertise in family planning and abortion care. She completed her training in Canada and holds a Masters in Public Health in Global Health from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Roopan is Women’s Health Advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Paris section and has worked as an emergency obstetrician gynecologist in Nigeria and Yemen, now supporting projects in countries such as Malawi, Chad and Pakistan. She works with the World Health Organization (WHO) providing technical expertise to its Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health Research.

Roopan has published in peer-reviewed journals focussing on better understanding the challenges and needs of women and girls accessing reproductive and sexual healthcare needs. Her role with Vitala Global is as lead researcher and strategist.


When not musing about global women’s health, Roopan can be found spending time in the mountains or oceanside, surfing, doing some yoga, or listening to a good podcast.

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Genevieve Tam

Co-Founder of Vitala Global

Director of Projects

Product and User Support Lead


Genevieve is a Canadian trained obstetrician gynecologist. She chose this specialty because she wanted to have the skills and knowledge to support women and adolescent girls around the world to have safe pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum experiences.


She holds a master’s degree in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She also volunteers with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada Global Women’s Health Program and the Canadian Network for International Surgery as an instructor and editor for their capacity building training programs in low-resource settings.


Most recently she was the Gynecology Team Leader for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in a maternal health project for Syrian refugees, migrant workers, and marginalized Lebanese in Lebanon. She travels around the world with her diplomatic family and loves meeting new people and learning about new cultures! She is very excited to be a Co-Founder and Director of Projects for Vitala Global.


It is her dream and passion to work on projects that restore the balance for women and girls - they deserve to have the best possible chances to lead a happy healthy life no matter their circumstances!

Ninan Thampy

Finance and Technology Operations Lead

for Vitala Global


Ninan Thampy has over 20 years of experience in finance and 4 plus years of experience in HR & IT operations. Ninan is currently doing part-time business consulting for various clients. In his most recent full-time role, he was Interim Senior Director for an HIV testing device manufacturer.


Prior to that Ninan was VP Finance, HR & IT for a consumer product company with operations in North America and Europe. Ninan has also worked for large audit firms like KPMG and PwC. Ninan's role with Vitala Global is to lead finance and technology operations. Outside of Vitala, Ninan is busy raising two kids as a co-parent and loves hiking, running and cooking. 
Asked, Why did he want to join Vitala Global?:


"Vitala Global's mission resonated with me as I have been searching for an organization with a purpose to impact people's lives where I could contribute and make an impact. But the key was knowing Roopan and Gen's commitment to helping marginalized women. As a student of gender equality and balance, I understand the importance of empowering girls and women through access to healthcare. So in summary, there was a lot of alignment in terms of purpose and people."


Special acknowledgements

Karla Despradel, UX/UI Researcher and Designer, Aya Contigo

Bianca Stifani, Co-Researcher and Family Planning Expert, Aya Contigo

Genesis Luigi, Community Liaison and Regional Activist, Aya Contigo 

Ana Gomez, Illustrator, Aya Contigo

Kathryn Cleverley, Co-Researcher and Implementation Lead, Aya Contigo

Luisa Marval, Co-researcher and Community User Lead, Aya Contigo

Hillary Pearson, Co-researcher and Community User Liaison, myPostCare