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Design Principles.

* We  are committed to gender inclusivity


Ensure equitable inclusivity through an authentic
& diverse representation of women & girls*.

We protect and advocate for the freedoms and image of *women, girls, feminine identifying, non- binary, and people with disabilities, both individually and collectively by ensuring authentic representation.

Empathically guide, promote & advance women and girls’ rights, autonomy, & sexual and reproductive wellbeing.


Vitala uplifts and is hopeful of women’s future while empathic and understanding of their past. We have the goal of advancing how women and girls understand their power and rights which promotes autonomy and wellbeing.


Embody credible information & expert advice that is scientific, data-driven, safe-guarded and judgment-free.

We are medical experts that provide accessible and reliable information. We ensure our recommendations and guides are safe-guarded and always give women and girls to make their own decisions, judgment-free.


Create and implement digitally accesible sexual and reproductive care, that is current, informed, durable & results driven.

We get it done. Through a theory of change that meets women and girls* where they are and facilitates access to sexual and reproductive care. We focus movement building within communities and take a collective approach to system change.


Embrace an iterative learning approach that integrates a multi-disciplinary team of field experts, trusted partners, women and girls* and the community.

Our reach is wide and deep. We purposefully integrate different disciplines and experiences from the field, knowledgable partners, and key community members, including of course women and girls*. We stay close at close proximity to the issue to intend to solve, by embracing curiosity, flexibility, and agility to problem solve and learn.


Authentically understand women and girls*, by being women-centric: women-led, women co-designed, women advocated.

We are women helping women. We remain authentic to what it means to be designing and implementing solutions the are unique no women and girls*.

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