Dancing Women

Our vision

A world where women and girls have equitable and judgement-free access to achieve their sexual and reproductive health goals.

Our mission

To co-create meaningful digital solutions that are user-centric, data-driven, and community-led to empower women and girls to achieve their sexual and reproductive health goals.

Image by Hasan Almasi

Our values


We embrace diversity and believe everyone is unique yet equal, and we are dedicated to ensuring that those who are marginalized or excluded are represented and heard. We want to create a space where all individuals who identify with our cause feel welcomed.


We are committed to being honest, transparent, trustworthy and responsible with all our beneficiaires and supporters, and we will work hard to ensure that everything we do can be held accountable to the highest ethical and human-rights principles.


We are committed to building partnerships that are collaborative and community-led so that our work is not siloed, but connected to what the local community needs and what the global community is doing.