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Sexual & Reproductive

Design Challenge & Mentorship Program

What is Vitala?

Roopan (left) and Genevieve (right).

Vitala Global Foundation is a Canadian non-profit started by two obstetrician-gynecologists, Roopan Gill and Genevieve Tam. As an organization, we seek to understand the challenges that people face in accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) tools and services.


We also create and implement digital SRH solutions, including for abortion. Our process and products are community-engaged, evidence-based, and gender inclusive.


You can explore our site and the following links for more information about us!

The Design Challenge

Project Brief


This project seeks to empower youth to create content about SRH, specifically at its intersection with self-care and/or mental wellbeing. We are asking you to create a blog post, reel, photo series, graphic, or any type of creative content that can be shared on social media and websites.

Your creation may eventually be featured on Vitala’s social media accounts or website, reaching audience of audience of 5000 and growing. It may also be featured on our app, a digital abortion companion called Aya Contigo.


Be creative – we want to see your unique ideas, perspectives, and talents!


Winners of this challenge are invited to participate in a mentorship program run by Vitala. More details here.

Here are some examples of topics you could centre your content around:

  • Self-care tips for puberty

  • Self-care tips while you’re menstruating

  • How to talk to friends or a new partner about SRH

  • The history of how Black women have been disadvantaged in accessing quality SRH care

  • Tips for managing mental wellbeing in an area with restrictive reproductive health legislation

  • How to use inclusive language in conversations about SRH


Vital-a 2.jpg

While we want you to express your creativity and choose any topic you're passionate about within SRH, mental wellbeing, and self-care, here are some guiding principles for your submission:

User-friendly (if applicable)

Supportive and


Instills a sense of trust and comfort


Culturally competent


Evidence- based


Please submit a mock-up version of a blog, article, graphic, photography series, or other type of content. You will also be asked to describe your project concept, to upload your portfolio and/or CV/resume, and to respond to an application question. More details in our submission form.

Eligibility Criteria
& Submission Process

Participants must meet all of the criteria:

  • Passionate about advocacy or content creation

  • 18-26 years old

  • Live in the US

  • Identify as Latina/x or Hispanic

  • Identify as a woman, transgender, non-binary, and/or gender diverse


October 20, 2023

The Mentorship Program

Rise for Reproductive Justice Fellowship


The content you submit will be evaluated by our team. Creators of successful, selected projects will be invited to participate in the Rise for Reproductive Justice Fellowship Program run by Vitala.


The program will provide you with the foundational knowledge, skills, and resources for you to become confident of your individual and collective capacity to create change and grow in the space of reproductive justice. We will explore many of the topic areas and pillars of Vitala Global’s work through interactive live sessions, case studies, and individual and group activities. Each course will be a week long, structured by one main session and one or two workshops facilitated other mentors. By the end of the program, you will feel uplifted and prepared to take action and launch into reproductive justice work or more broadly SRH.


Mentors will share their expertise and provide advice to mentees around

career development and the content they are producing. Our mentors are creatives, researchers, medical doctors, and designers from Vitala Global and our broader community.


The mentorship program will require a commitment of approximately 5 hours every week for 6 weeks. Themes of the program include:

  • Abortion, contraception, miscarriage, and other SRH topics

  • SRH, self-care, and wellbeing

  • Human-centered design and digital self-care solutions

  • Advocacy

  • Communications and marketing

  • Entering the workforce


Mentees will receive a reference letter, certificate of program completion (which can go on your resume), and a small stipend. Your work may also gain visibility through Vitala's network.

Current Landscape

Technology is pivotal for knowledge sharing around SRH and can foster community bonding. However, there is a need for more culturally and linguistically tailored content, specifically for Latinx and BIPOC communities. While some strides have been made, disparities remain in how these initiatives impact different communities. Thus, a targeted, inclusive approach beyond simple information dissemination is needed. We aim to empower these communities to engage with their SRH in a way that respects their cultural and individual contexts.

Program Manifesto

Create, Grow, Challenge, Shape

Our mission in the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) space is not only to identify and address unmet needs, but also to carve a new path in this less established market area. By creating content that's unique and meticulously crafted, we aim to discuss topics that others shy away from.

Evolving With Our Audience

This project is not a static entity; it is an evolving initiative that continually adapts to our audience. Trust is at the core of everything we do; by focusing on audience attention, we are constructing an unmatched self-care tool and SRH ecosystem.

Disrupting Healthcare, Innovating Solutions

Time is life. This is why we're challenging the traditional healthcare delivery system, offering innovative, effective solutions. Our disruptive approach calls for relentless innovation, as we collaborate with stakeholders to improve health outcomes across all stages of the patient journey. We're committed to making transformative digital health breakthroughs accessible to all.

Joining the Fight for SRH 

We invite those with a passion for SRH to join us in our mission. Your participation could help shape the future of healthcare and contribute to meaningful change in the SRH space.

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